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Customize the basic configuration though Global Setting.

Log on to Admin => Site => Global Settings, you will get to the "Global settings" page appeared. By default the Global settings option is only available to administration users with the righ...

Posted Date : 2013-04-25 07:36:11
Posted By : Mr Super admin root

Add, edit and delete Comments.

This section holds all the comments that the users have made on the articles, News articles and other modules, at the client interface.  The client comments will not be visible in the comments se...

Posted Date : 2012-04-26 11:25:48
Posted By : Mr Super admin root

Creating Custom Blocks

A block is a dynamic data model. The purpose of a block is to replace the static view model of MVC application by using a model that can be updated at run time—that is, by using a dynamic b...

Posted Date : 2012-04-26 12:02:43
Posted By : Mr Super admin root

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Create Manage and Setup Access privilege

All of Eicra’s web application has built-in permission system which was based on ACL architecture,...
25-04-2012 [08:58 AM]

What is Website template

A Web template system describes the software and methodologies used to produce web pages and...
25-04-2012 [09:00 AM]

How to Create new Menu Group.

What is Menu Group ? Menu navigation group is the science and skill which you apply...
25-04-2012 [11:31 AM]

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